Ramirez Partners is proud to have a record of  performance nationwide and has developed the resources and points of presence to serve a dozen major US Markets and the Federal Government.

The Ramirez Partners Vision

I envision a 21st Century where America's Finest Host Cities fulfill the long held expectation that government should be run like a business. Putting customer satisfaction first, managing your expenses and being profitable to be able to save and invest in the future. And they will because the future demands excellence and efficiency. Mediocrity simply does not work in a precision driven technology based environment.

Ramirez Partners works everyday to fulfill that vision by offering City Governments "Outsourced Professional Services, Cloud Solutions and Commodities". We help Mayors. Councils, Boards, Department Staffs, Police, Fire and Community Based Organizations make the most of their assets, improve their communications strategy, increase their industry knowledge and reduce the time to deliver high quality results with less risk and expense.

Cities are facing an ever increasing demand from Millennials for greater civic engagement, ubiquitous self-service and next generation lifestyle applications. Experts also warn of the "Grey Tsunami" of retiring government workers as Cities also face greater just in time and emergency acquisition demands due to the constantly changing environment. But change brings opportunity and that's why Ramirez Partners is "Working to Help America's Finest Cities Build 21st Century Communities that are Safe, Secure and Prosperous".

Al Ramirez,

Owner & Chairman of Ramirez Partners

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Metro Markets Served

Nationwide Hotline: (202) 455-0560  | Email: info@ramirezpartners.org | Mailing Address: PO BOX 3002 Santa Monica, CA 90408

About Al Ramirez, Owner and Chairman and GM of Ramirez Partners
Al Ramirez, Owner & Chairman of Ramirez Partners