About Al Ramirez, Owner and Chairman and GM of Ramirez Partners

Ramirez Partners is wholly owned and managed by Al Ramirez, a Santa Monica, California based publicly recognized government contracting expert and tech industry leader.

Mr. Ramirez founded Ramirez Partners for the sole intention to serve the public trust. Ramirez Partners works exclusively on public interest, public sector or public use projects.

A Proven Record of Results as a Trusted Public Servant

Al Ramirez, Owner & Chairman of Ramirez Partners

When Integrity Matters as Much as the Technology

A Proven Public Sector Expert

A State of California Department of General Services and City of Los Angeles Certified Small Business

Nationwide Hotline: (202) 455-0560  | Email: info@ramirezpartners.org | Mailing Address: PO BOX 3002 Santa Monica, CA 90408