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About Jay Ramírez Wilson, Owner of Ramirez Partners

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The Ramirez Partners Resource Center provides news, information and online tools for buyers interested in scheduling Ramirez Partners talent for key public projects, special civic engagements or the development of new strategic alliance partnerships to help increase the participation rate of veteran, women and minority owned businesses.

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Ramirez Partners Services

Active NAICS Interest Codes

NAICS  Code Description

54182  Public Relations Agencies  
54161  Management Consulting Services
541611  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
531390  Other Activities Related to Real Estate

237990  Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
517919  All Other Telecommunications    
51821  Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
518210  Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services    
519190  All Other Information Services  
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services    
541990  All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services    
561410  Document Preparation Services    
323111  Commercial Printing
32312  Support Activities for Printing    
491110  Postal Service    
52232  Financial Transactions Processing, Reserve, and Clearinghouse Activities    
52399  All Other Financial Investment Activities
523110  Investment Banking and Securities Dealing    
523999  Miscellaneous Financial Investment Activities    
561990  All Other Support Services    
71121  Spectator Sports    
81341  Civic and Social Organizations    
92111  Executive Offices    
92112  Legislative Bodies    
92113  Public Finance Activities    
92114  Executive and Legislative Offices, Combined    
92115  American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Governments    
92119  Other General Government Support    
926110  Administration of General Economic Programs
926130  Regulation and Administration of Communications, Electric, Gas, and Other Utilities